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The End?

If you couldn’t tell, I’ve stopped posting here. I’ve left the songs and the old posts behind for posterity. Reason is, I’ve run out of room to store anything else on this site, and posting too much info about kids is just a bad idea. Look for my stuff elsewhere. Pretty easy, just google my name and you’ll find me somewhere. I’m over at soundcloud, and @ my name dot come. Or check out my newest page at Recording Notes Ciao.

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Traveling Can Hurt

It doesn’t take much walking for a 5 1/2 year old to feel the pain of walking so much. We are in Florence and trying to enjoy everything. Well. Most of us.

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This is the title of  TRIAL post

IF I were to write a post with my new bluetooth keyboard and using my new ipad 2, then this post is what it would look like. I might mention what a mixed New Year’s Eve we had, with attending a funeral, and then flying to Chicago to eat at the number one restaurant in the US, and number 5 in the world.
I might out line the magic of that meal and how much I wanted to enjoy it after losing a part of the family. I’ll save those …

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I Am Reading A Book

I am reading a book.
It is called, The Principles of Uncertainty by Maira Kalman. It is a good book. I will probably finish reading it, if it doesn’t disappear.
Inside the book are many paintings of things that have delighted Maira. For example, a chair, a hat,

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New Song by Griffin

Griffin got hold of my iphone, and used an app to make this song.
Here it is.
A Song To Mother © 2011.

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Pocket Rocket Stove Portable Heater Project (PRSPHP)

Recently I changed the living room set up. Rearranged the furniture, made a cushion for the bay window and stuff like that. I got to thinking about the fireplace and how I wish it has something that would let more heat into the room. So I began researching ovens.
I quickly got to Cob Ovens and the rocket stoves. But they were so big and in a style that would not work in our home. And really, this is the fireplace I had to work with.

I couldn’t find a rocket …