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My Other Music

This page is for my music that has not been published and is too late to assign to a specific year. So, even though they might have been created in years past they will be posted with the year’s date I published them here, that year should not be an indication of when they were created.

Let’s start with this one, made sometime in the last three years or so: The Radio’s Calling Me
The Radio’s Calling �2011.

It would seem that I take every other year off of making music. I’m not sure if there is any internal reason for this or not, but this year (2012) I have created some things however, I am a bit more cautious about sharing them. None-the-less, here is one I have created – Broke Into My Heart �2012. Listen to the next one first. I like it better.

This is becoming the default 2012 page. Here is the same song in a more traditional jazz style. Will also post to sound cloud.
Someone Broke Into My Heart. �2012.

Here’s a fun one I created after hearing a radio story about a Japanese fashion style called Yamanba, which included extremely tall high-heel or platform shoes. I’m sure this took place around the late 1990′s but this wikipedia story indicates that it only started around 2004, so once again I don’t know when I put this rough song together, but it sure is fun. Note that the fashion of this style has changed over time so my song has probably lost some relevance.

Yamanba Girl �2011.

This next one I wrote in high school and recorded in probably 2000. It is very simply piano piece, what I’ve enjoyed about it is how it moves from place to place. It’s a little slow but now it’s here for me to try and remember how the heck to play the darn thing. Piano Lesson #4 �2011.

And what do you do with something like this? Pretty sure it’s with a very young Addie.
You Are The Best �2011.

Back around 2000 I got Cake Walk – a notion writing software- and I went to work on this next piece. It is crowded with melodies to the point that many don’t work together. What I like about this is that it took the music away from the single melody or even counter melodies and mashed them into an overall feeling that became too much to hear all at once. The ear can not help but attempt to listen for the individual parts, but if you do this your ear will grow tired and you will find yourself becoming disinterested in listening further. The way to listen to this, for me at least, is to hear it as a convolution of melodies that change overtime and build toward the climax (which is short lived and difficult to hear because the crappy PC that I used to turn the score into audio), instead of trying to pick out the individual parts. I had considered pulling out the pieces to play them so as to hear them better, but I realized this was not the point for me and I decided to not take that time. I won’t be upset if I hear from people who claim they couldn’t get through it.
Nescia Vinci Pectora �2011.

It got deleted when the service provider for this site went down, but as this year marks the tenth anniversary of the death of Timothy McVey I have decided to finally publish the song I wrote on the day he died. I wrote it and recorded it in a few hours, so where it is rough please excuse. Also note, this song does neither celebrate Mr. McVey as a hero nor as a villain
The Ballad of Timothy McVey, or Monster’s Don’t Cry �2011.

Here is a surf song I wrote back in Virginia. I used the start for some of my The thing I loved about recording this song was getting putting down the guitar line until I got the whole thing in one take. For lack of a better name, here is Running Ska �2011.

Here is one I wrote long ago, about a place I used to work. The lyrics kind of bug me now but I enjoy the guitar bit, so I’m posting it here. Cantar Por Casa �2012.

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