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Geopolitics is the idea that land mass has an effect on the power of a government.
That a government is made strong by the number of resources – wood, coal, metal ore etc. That by using these natural resources a nation generates its productivity, builds its defenses, and flexes its might.

I believe that we are moving into a new realm of governing and political structure based on population size. I believe it can be called Bio-politics (a brief and quick-search finds that I am on target).
This idea is that a people make up a governments resources, or at least add to the natural resources of a country. Now we still need all the old natural resources, but we have the human generated information resource… and no longer is the battle for the world limited to the size of occupied land.

Now, we are moving into the inclusion of of people and their abilities into a global political maneuvering. As obvious as this might seem it is important to be aware of it for a few different reasons.

One is that as governments unite around various free trade agreements they are actually uniting in ways that must include our armed forces. If our economy becomes dependent on the existence and growth of another country, say England, then it becomes a matter of national security – a responsibility, to defend England from attack.

Another point to recognize is that a population – the basis of this new structure – is not so easily controlled as natural resources. The people don’t easily allow harvesting of information without compensation. The big governments in the world today – China, Russia, and the USA, are increasing their attempts to control the people. Stricter laws in the form of terrorism prevention are meted out in a government based clash of old – industrialized economy based governing- and newer information economy based governing which is not fully comprehended. However, and the USA can more easily address this, a free people are more apt to freely generate information. The less restraints places on a people or their information, the more information and newer ideas care generated – thus a more robust economic impact exists with less government rules and control of information.

The USA is no longer taking military action alone. They do not depend on the UN, but they do act in regards to “The Coalition”. The coalition is a group of mostly “Western Acting” nations – which means they believe in free-enterprise or at the least want to do business with the free-enterprise nations.

The coalition went into Iraq. The coalition is going to go into Darfur . The Coalition is using war as a method to unite as a Bio-Political force. Kind of like neighborhood boys going out fighting to unite.

The neat thing about the new Bio-Political structure is that there is ever the opportunity to allow others into The Coalition. The Geo-Political system excluded others simply by land mass. But the Bio-Political system is about sharing and selling information so, China can at anytime enter the The Coalition and start making some money,

Observations. The Euro-Nations is a geo-political concept that might be transformable into the new bio-political system. Russia and China are also at a loss about how to participate. The muslim countries who are either too impoverished to participate in the new structure, or are too settled in their natural resources – oil- to be open to the new information based structure, are resisting the global shift – which manifests itself in the form of people struggling for power in the same methods that were in use before the industrial age (thus in order to add these groups to “The Coalition” they must be given information resources and opportunities to be included.

I believe that Google’s move to offer the Chinese a limited search engine was a major step in opening that country up to the new bio-political system. China crosses the Agricultural economy, Industrial economy- system, and a swiftly growing information economy. We must take notice of China, and we must carefully offer assistance as we nurture them along. They are dangerous for their size and their inexperience at freedom, can topple onto the world stage like a large tower of children’s blocks.

The Bio-Political System is based on free thinking people working together. Yet the major governments involved – controlled mainly by major corporations – are trying to limit people – their choices and their freedoms – for easy control, manipulation, and consolidation of form for higher sales, more concise marketing, and less objection to government and corporate behaviors that are detrimental to the population – and in the end counter-productive in the move to a stronger economic system.

This is an unbalanced process in which the population will eventually become more free, and more liberal. Due the premise that money and power is generated by a free-thinking population, education, equality, and political voice will win out in the long run as we move forward.

The Global Economy is an idea that has many rewards. I do not agree with many of the steps taken on the path towards this end. However, we are learning to walk, and sometimes we must first fall down.

The bio-political system is taking place. many on the left and the right fear much about it because it represents much of the unknown. However, in its grandest concept it unifies but the left and the right as it leads to a central theme on both sides.

Freedom of thought, freedom of action, and with proper execution, freedom from government, freedom from big business, and eventually freedom for others from exploitation and the duress of tyranny.

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