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Griffin Gets Sick

27 March 2008 6 Comments

Last night Griffin had a fever which we treated with Children’s Tylenol that we brought with us from the States. This morning when he woke up he had a fever and again we treated it. Then we went to the pharmacy and bought children’s ibuprofen.

When we came home Griffin’s feet we blue, and he still had a fever. We gave him medicine and put him to bed. After a three hour nap he woke up with blue lips. I found advice on the internet that said to seek emergency care.

We walked up the street to the hospital, which isn’t very far. On the way I saw an ambulance pass by with the drivers smoking and I new that this would be a very different experience than I was used to back home. We got close and found someone to show us the way to the pediatric care unit at the emergency room of the hospital. It was empty so we got immediate attention.

The doctor knew English and asked us questions about his history and health. The nurse took blood, measured his temperature (39 C), and gave him the croatian version of tylenol, which I have forgotten its name at this time. She also taped a bag to him to catch any urine that would come out for a sample.

We waited for two hours for the blood test to come back. It said that he had very high levels of white blood cells. We also waited an additional half hour for the urine sample, which came back with no results (good). The doctor was concerned about the high white blood cell count and thought that Griffin might need three days of intravenous antibiotic. Remember, although we can find someone who can speak English there is always some sort of language barrier.

They were very courteous, and allowed us use the phone to call the embassy and a baby sitter to watch Addie while we might have to deal with Griffin being away from home for three days. They even allowed us to play on their very strange old-style type writer that was built without a letter “Y” (They use “J” for their “Y” sounds as in Yellow) but it had other character keys such as three different ways to type the letter “C”.

When it was time to leave to go to the other location we had to pay the equivalent of about a hundred and ten US dollars, (we thought it not very expensive) and we caught a Taxi to the children’s infectious disease center.

They took us to a room and we waited. At least by now Griffin’s fever was down, but it was beginning to climb again. They took information again about his birth and the like, and then the doctor did an exam and found that Griffin has an infection of the tonsils.

Griffin got a shot of penicillin. I paid (about 35 us Dollars) and we left. Everyone was again very nice.

We got home at about 9:00 and Griffin was very interested in going to bed. We paid the baby sitter (A french woman named Helaine) and now we are unwinding after an eventful afternoon. We go back tomorrow to possibly get Griffin another shot, and a prescription for an oral antibiotic.

Well. That’s the life from Croatia.


  • Nan Mykel said:

    Poor baby! I wonder if that’s why he’s been throwing up so much? Sounds like you’re taking good care of him.

  • Elizabeth said:

    Give Griffin some extra loving from us! Our kids have been very sick this winter and it has been NO FUN!!!! Fortunately, we are all on allergy meds (daily) and are maintaining wellness -currently. We will be thinking special thoughts for Griffin’s quick recovery!! Hello to the girls!

  • Elizabeth said:

    There is a Y on the typewriter!!! It took me til just now to see it! (bottom row, left side)

  • Dethe Elza said:

    Hi Ian,

    I’ve been following your Croatian adventures with interest. I hope Griffin is feeling better. Last summer we visited Bulgaria (where Daniela’s parents live) by taking the train from Prague through Hungary and Serbia. Azlen (my seven-year-old) also had tonsillitis while we were there, while we were in Nessebar, on the Black Sea. The antibiotics got him fixed up, although they didn’t help with the stomach flu from hell that followed right after, taking all of us (and much of the rest of Nessebar) out for a few days.

    Best wishes!


  • Allison said:

    Sounds like you are handling it well. I am not sure I could do so well with a sick little one in a foreign country. Enjoy the remainder of your stay.

  • Ian (author) said:

    Thank you all for your concerns, support, stories, and sharp eyes. Its a different way of doing things here that makes it so difficult, but we have heard that we are at the best place to be. Most of all, thank you for reading.

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