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Croatia day 18

17 March 2008 5 Comments

This morning I took the kids back to the zoo and this time I had the camera and it was working. The weather here is still nice and the flowers are everywhere. The sun was shining and we were all in a good mood.

We went straight to the big cat section. I took this picture of the kids with the tiger. I was hoping to show just how close one can get to the animals.

Also, notice how Griffin has pulled off both shoes and socks. When he is in the stroller he refuses to keep them on. He will pull them off and then throw them onto the street and if we are not careful we lose them and have to retrace our steps to find them again.

After this we wandered around some more and found ourselves at the small pool for the seals, which was a lot of fun as they play constantly. Laura asked me if it was a nice zoo. I believe it was founded in 1925 so its basic frame of thinking is not rooted in the more modern zoos with a lot of space and natural habitat. In that sense it is not a good zoo.

However, in the sense that you do get to see a variety of animals up close, this zoo does meet that expectation. Sometimes I feel that the animals are not doing very well. Some animals have been allowed to let their population grow beyond what the pen can allow for. In other instances I think that the animals are not placed into a safe environment.

Take the wolf pack they have. It’s a great place to view the power struggles of the animals, but the there is one animal that I saw that was injured. He had a bloody spot on its nose from the dominant male.

Here is the picture I took today.

The wolf in the center is the dominant male. To either side of it are females. The wolf cowering at the bottom of the picture is a submissive male who is mostly left alone, but the male at the top in the photo is also a male who gets attacked, even though he always stays far away. That is the male that has received a bite on its nose.

All in all it is a fun place to go. One doesn’t have the feeling that the animals are treated poorly. It is only by the standards of fine zoos that we have in the USA that I can say that there is anything wrong with this zoo. Compared to other zoos I have seen this one is very nice, clean, and has a lot of animals.

A couple of things of interest: They have an exhibit of North American Chipmunks. And they have a small pen for two North American Black Bears.

Well, that’s the life from Croatia.


  • Elizabeth said:

    The wolves look scary! Benjamin is like Griffin-he really likes to pull off his shoes and socks and toss them!!

  • Nan Mykel said:

    I don’t ever recall seeing a pack of wolves in a zoo. Haave you?

  • Ian (author) said:

    Its an incentive to learn the language only to be able to say, “Yes. Thank you. I have his shoe here. He won’t keep them on. I don’t know what to do.”
    His bare feet are like a magnet for every old lady, and several of the older men, who are compelled beyond control to come up and touch his feet and speak at him very quickly. He smiles and they laugh and everyone has a good time. Maybe that’s why he does it.

    As far as wolves in zoos… no. I don’t think it is very common.


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  • Sonicist » More on the Zoo said:

    [...] The wolfs that i mentioned in my post Croatia Day 18 were very active this week at the zoo. The white wolf at the bottom of the photo from that earlier post seems to have been elevated to the status of a sidekick / sub-partner. [...]

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