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Trip to Florida

18 November 2011 One Comment

We took advantage of some travel Laura had to do, and crammed ourselves into a hotel room and went to Florida.

Addie must be in a stage of some sort, because at the beginning she kept wandering away from us. We spoke sternly with her a few times, but it didn’t really make an impact. It wasn’t until we were on an elevator did she actually get the lesson.

The door opened and some people walked off and Addie went right along with them.
She turned around in time to see us still on the elevator looking out at her. “Addie, you’ve wandered off again.”
“I’m sorry.” The door closed with her outside the elevator.

Laura and I were inside with Griffin and some other people, and neither of us could hit the open button or stop the door from closing.

“I’ve been telling her all day not to wander off,” I said to the people in the elevator, ready for the elevator to rise and carry us up. I was thinking about how I might be able to find her.
“She’s been doing it all day,” Laura said.

From behind the door Addie said, “I am holding the door open with my fingers.”
It was then that I realized we hadn’t actually move. The little bit of pressure she had been able to apply to the outer doors was enough to keep us from leaving the floor.

Laura started pushing the button on the wall until someone pointed out she was actually pressing the button marked, “Close Door.”

At last we got the door open and Addie rejoined our party, a little bit wiser. At least she didn’t get lost at Universal Studios.

By far this was my favorite theme park visit ever. It was a little crowded around the Harry Potter world, so we skipped the Hogswart ride and went for a tour of the castle. Somehow we ended up at the at the ride, having walked past everyone else. So, of course we took advantage of it. And, that was the best park-ride I have ever been on. It is a must do for someone looking for something to add to their bucket list. I can’t say enough, so I won’t say much more, other than it truly brought the books and moving to life. Amazing. We stayed all day and none of us really wanted to leave.

The next day was cold and LJ had her conference, and the kids went swimming until Griffin’s lips turned blue. The next day was Disney’s Magic Kingdom. We started the day with Griffin crying. Apparently he didn’t want to leave, and we had just begun!

For us parents the park was a bit of a let down. I visited this park as a kid, and we also went there two years ago. I must inform you that I was severely disappointed and we won’t be going back. Not until we are being pushed around in a wheel chair by our grandkids, or something like that.

It was way too crowded, and the rides kept breaking down. It seems Disney’s idea of crowd control is shoving hundreds of people into spaces that were not designed for that. Because it was so crowded we visited some attractions that are outside the perhaps typical experience. The Tiki house was quite enjoyable, in a throwback-to-the-60s kind of way. As was the Carrousel of Progress, which Griffin said was great.

Each day passed too quickly and I was sad to leave both parks. Oh. And when we left Universal, Griffin made us stop and leave him. We had to go far away (About 30 feet) so that he could dance to music coming out of a speaker on a street light. He danced amid the crowds leaving the park, walking past him as though he wasn’t there until they nearly tripped over him. I’ll post that video soon.

I have a song to share. It’s a really very old idea that I don’t think has ever been recorded, so I am happy to present it here for the first time.
Teenage Bride of the Mexican Mummy Monster, from Outer Space. © 2011.

Here are more pictures of the trip.

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  • Mike Mykel said:

    When Mandy and Mike and I went to Disney World about 20 years ago we were wandering around and found the Morocco
    Exhibit with five or six guys playing what I assume was their down home music. Mandy went up front and center and started dancing and the poor fellows were at a perplexed loss about what to do. I let it go on for a while until they all seemed to relax and get used to their new star entertainer, then I called her over and gave them a break. I understand that she is still doing that at concerts and now I wonder if there is something genetic about it. She and Grif certainly didn’t inherit that sort of thing from my side of the family.

    See ya’ll, Dad

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